Add new assignments

Add new assignments a show me how you do that tutorial, this tutorial shows you how to add new assignments using the assignments list page, you can add new assignments on the assignments list page by using the add new assignment button. In addition, you can add materials, turn audio off, provide instructions, select students and specify start and end date by using the new assignment page view how to add new assignments step by step click assignments on the dashboard. The assignments list page appears. Click add new assignment. The new assignment page appears type an assignment name in the assignment name box click add materials. The library page appears select a filter or search by title or keyword drag and drop your materials to the materials assigned box.

Use the X icon to delete material selected if necessary, determine whether you want Aureole on or off for the assignment. Click audio available if necessary. A red X appears that shows audio is off. The audio available setting is a toggle key that is used to set aureole on or off.

This setting can only be used for E books and E posters, type instructions in the instructions box click select students, the select class dropdown list appears. Choose a class. Choose a group and students use the up down arrows to sort the groups and students in ascending or descending order.

Click, select all or clear all to select to clear all groups of students from the assignment.

If necessary, preview the groups and student selections to ensure you have selected the correct groups as students for the assignment group senders students selected are highlighted in yellow. Move the mouse over the group or student selection and click X next to the group or student name to delete the groups or students from the assignment. If necessary.

Clint Dunn.

Typer so like they start date in the start date box. Typer select a due date in the due date box. Click Save the Students Assignments list is updated and shows all relevant student information with a not started status.

All saved assignments or categorize and added to the assignments page. Use them more or less button to view more or less materials assigned. Highlights of this tutorial. You can add new assignments by using the ADD new assignment button on the assignments list page. You can also give your assignment a name, add materials, turn audio off. Provide instructions. Select students and specify start and end dates by using the new assignment page.