Grade 2-6_Accessing Activities


Hello, students.

As you are at home, your teacher would like you to continue to read, respond and write in order to do this. Your teacher may assign you resources from Benchmark Universe. This video will show you how to access your assignments and interact with the resources. First, you want to check to see if you have any assignments. After you have logged in to benchmark universe. Locate the clipboard icon in the top right-hand corner of your dashboard. Here you can see if you have any assignments available. Next, you want to access your assignments to do this. Click the assessment icon, the clipboard. This page lists all assignments. On the left is the assessment tally. This shares which assignments you have not started the purple X. Which assignments are in progress. The blue clock. And which assignments have been completed, most importantly on the right. You can see the due date for the assignment. Now it's time to open the assignment, to do this. Click the assignment name. Make sure to look at the top of the assignment for any directions from your teacher. In this example, the teacher wants the student to watch the Unit 7 video first. Then the student should open Unit 7, Developing a Nation book and turn to pages 4 and 5 to read The Open Road. During this time, there is a sticky note for instructions on what the student should do while they're reading the text. Then the student should follow the directions for the writing tasks provided after reading the text. Next, you want to open all assignments and finish the task.

In this example, the student has two to open. Following the directions by the teacher. The student opens the first assignment by clicking the book. This opens to the unit video. This will open in a different tab at the top of your browser. Once the student has viewed the video, the student can then click the X at the top of the tab. And this takes the student back to the assignment page. Since this part of the assignment is done, the student can click done. The directions now ask the student to open Unit 7, Developing a Nation student book. Click on the book next to the assignment. The student was told to turn to pages four and five to locate the text called The Open Road. This can be done in two ways. You can locate pages by clicking the bottom left, or you can use the gray arrow at the bottom and scroll to the page that you need. By using the page numbers at the bottom, this indicates page 4 and 5. Then close the pages by selecting the gray arrow again. Note the teacher has placed a sticky note. Click the note to open and read the directions. Next, read the text with the task in mind. In this example, the student is being asked to record key details. To actually record key details, the student can click the close reading notes icon on the left or the right of the page and record the details here.

Click the note to close.

Once done. The directions ask the student to complete the writing assignment, which in this example is on the next page. The student is asked to write using the details he or she has recorded. This can be done by creating this summary either in the close reading notes, by clicking on the left-hand side to start the summary and using the right-hand side to finish this summary. Or your teacher may ask you to write this in another way. For example, write your summary on paper. Once finished with all tasks, click done in the top left-hand corner. This takes you back to the assignment page. Mark your assignment done. Then click the red X to exit the assignment. Note your assignment now has changed to completed, which is indicated by the Green Check. Finally, click the globe with the benchmark universe logo in the top left-hand corner to return to your dashboard.